Hi, Petunia!

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Hi, Petunia!

Petunia the Sparrow

Meet Petunia the Sparrow. We think Petunia is a boy sparrow, but since he likes to sit in the pot of petunias on our porch, we call him Petunia. Yes, the petunias probably think, 'Oh, no, not again.'

Petunia's our 'pet' sparrow. While the rest of the flock tend to stay out by the bird feeder, a safe distance away from humans and that dog barking out the kitchen door, Petunia is companionable. One day, he was sitting on a chair when I came out. He pecks around our feet to get the stray seeds that fall out of the porch feeder. He's camera-shy, though: if I come out armed with anything digital, he usually flies off. But I did manage to catch him hiding behind the lawn chair. Nice guy, Petunia.

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