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US eating habits don't bear thinking about. Especially during fair week.


The funhouse at the fair.

It's fall. And, for us, as for so many other small towns across the US, that means the fall festival is underway. Carpenter Gothic dignity gives way to cheap carnie atmosphere, and the fun rides and French fry booths with their garish neon contrast amiably with the blue autumn skies, russet leaves, and staid red brick of the locale.

The Ferris wheels and such are fun, but the ad hoc food court in Memorial Park is a nutritionist's nightmare. Giant doughnuts, anyone? Here are a few snaps. Shudder as you enjoy your virtuous granola. (Full disclosure: the photographer ate none of this, because the photographer is way allergic.)

The fairCourthouse and cheese fries, yum.
Junkfood Alley.Prices for junkfood

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