October Create: Strange But True

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October Create: Strange But True

October 2016 Create Challenge

It's October, the witching month. Enter the haunted space-time. Have you anything supernatural to declare? Or at least suspiciously coincidental?

Tell us about things that have happened to you – things that are strange, uncanny, spooky, or just plain weird.

Have you ever:

  • ...spent any time in a haunted house? Was it interesting?
  • ...seen a ghost, apparition, or Elvis?
  • ...witnessed a series of odd events? Did they change you idea about the theory of synchronicity?
  • ...experienced something so weird that you just need to tell us about it?

The usual rules apply: if it happened to you, a family member, or friend, just disguise the names and send it to the Post. If your strange occurrence happened to someone who can be documented, write it up for Peer Review.

Make readers laugh, or make them shiver this October!


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