The Post Quiz: Strange, But Is It True?

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It's time to separate the true anoraks from the dilettantes.

The Post Quiz: Strange, But Is It True?

The following quiz was bashed out by Your Editor by means of fact-checking one of those online 'strange but true' lists. See how many you know.

Are the following 'facts' true, false, or undetermined?

  1. Square watermelons are sold in Japan.
  2. Cows can go upstairs but not downstairs.
  3. The moldwarp was a Doctor Who villain.
  4. Thomas A Edison is responsible for the introduction of the electric chair for executions.
  5. The world's oldest piece of chewing gum was chewed by a Swedish teenager.
  6. In South Africa, there are craters created by jumping elephants.
  7. The US Pentagon has twice as many toilets as needed because it is in Virginia.
  8. To get to Point Roberts from anywhere else in the US state of Washington, you need a boat or a passport.
  9. ATMs in Antarctica dispense Antarctic dollars.
  10. According to the Bible, the chicken came before the egg.

Not sure? Get the fact-checked factoids by clicking on the picture.

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