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Posted: 3rd August 2015


The time travelers in Cornwall. Are you into re-enacting? It's kind of fun to play dress-up, isn't it? Here, our guys are taking the old time machine back to Cornwall in the 1780s. We hope they keep their shirts on. We doubt Nigel can compete with Aidan Turner. Funny thing about the Poldark remake, which is taking the US by storm these days. Apparently, when it first aired in the UK, nitpickers everywhere were busy spotting the anachronistic electric cables, burglar alarms, and satellite dishes…ah, the perils of National Trust filmmaking… Kibitzing is also a game.

August is about games people play. There are kids' games, and grownups' games, social games and solitary pleasures…Create want us to explore them. This week, FWR starts us off with an anecdote about his grandfather. This gentlemen was a superb Bad Influence. You'll get a genuine chuckle.

We've also got a couple of games-related quizzes, results from the ongoing writing game of '42 Words', and some gamer talk. Get ready to play.

Are you itching to write? Check out the Create challenge for this month, and let Bluebottle tell you all about how Flea Market rescues get to the Front Page, and how you can do that, too.

We have some real life here: Willem shows you a beautiful bird. The other day, he wrote that he had lots of them in a tree near his house. Lucky fellow, and he generously shares this natural delight. I natter on about 'true-to-life' writing, so I thought we ought to share some more true-to-life nature in the form of a blast from the past. If you've been reading Harper Lee's recently published novel Go Set a Watchman, you might have run across the name Sidney Lanier. Lanier was a famous poet in his day, although I'll bet nobody reading this has ever heard of him. Lanier also had a pet mockingbird. Named Bob. There's a picture, a poem, and a link if you want to know more about this peculiar family and its amateur wildlife rescue programme.

So what kinds of games do you play? What can you dig up for us this month? Read, enjoy, get to talking…and have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Bronze Mannikin  by Willem.
  • Bob the Mockingbird, by Sidney Lanier.



  • A photo quiz from Air Force Magazine in 1943.
  • The Penny Drops game by FWR.


  • August Create.
  • A rainbow.

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