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Posted: 13th July 2015

The Ever-Winding Road

Fierce fighting in the forest. h2g2ers, we have the latest war news. Okay, not the latest. The picture over there? Oh, that's some fighting that took place in the forest of Western Pennsylvania last month. The British lost, I regret to say. What's that you say? Oh, no, of course it's fake, just like professional wrestling. But those reenactors put their hearts and souls into the French and Indian War. Your Editor finally got the pics back, so here in this issue is the thrilling account of the skirmish witnessed, involving Scotsmen, Scots Irish settlers, American Indians of several tribes, British Regulars, and some Frenchmen with terribly suspicious accents and some very loud cannon1. If you haven't had enough military talk by the time you reach the end of that period-accurate report, we've also got the skinny on the Pig War of 1859. You've never heard of it? Where have you been?

Oh, you'd rather read about wildlife? Easier on the nerves, and more stimulating to the brain? We aim to please. Willem has a magnificent bird for you to admire, and some really great photos and tips about growing groundsel. Not seen enough nature yet? Check out Cactuscafe's photo montage: her Henges will make you look twice.

Ah, you say, but I'd much rather catch up with Create. Look no further. The Post brings you a wistful little confession by pebblederook, who was kind enough to share his regrets about the Road Not Taken. Stop to read and commiserate, and remember: you owe us a tale of your own. Cough it up! Next week, we'll have some fiction on the topic, so you can look forward to that.

Awix is here, blinking in the sunlight as always. Go see what he thought about the film. We've sprinkled in a few chuckles along the way, and there's a quiz to see if you Brits really know anything about the place you live in. So what are you waiting for? This is a big issue: get reading!

And may Frenchmen with cannons stay far from your neck of the woods.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Crowned Crane  by Willem.
  • Finger-Leaved Groundsel.



  • Pig and bull.
  • An American Indian warrior.


  • Henges by Cactuscafe.

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1I swear I heard one of them say something about elderberries.

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