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Posted: 1st September 2014

The Pleasures of September

Feasting in the harem. Ah, the joys of rahat lokum...that's Turkish Delight to you non-cognoscenti. Sybaritic pleasures: what's yours? Eating grapes lying down, like one of CB DeMille's bad Bible characters? Or binge-watching CB DeMille Bible epics with a few friends, and mocking them a la Mystery Science Theater? Do you prefer intellectual 'guilty pleasures', such as reading all the footnotes to Klaeber's Beowulf translation, and making up bad limericks about German philologists? (There once was a scholar named Klaeber, whose hobby was tossing the caber....) Do you spend surreptitious hours reading online comics, or going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in full costume?

Yes, readers, 'guilty pleasures' is the subject of September's Create Challenge. If it's illegal or immoral, keep it to yourselves. But if it's fattening, interesting, or just plain fun – fire away. Think of some Guide Entry Stuff, too. They're hot on this kind of thing over at Peer Review.

This week, we start you off with some contributions by Freewayriding, Magwitch, and Prof Animal Chaos. Awix is always on about his guilty pleasure, which is attending the cinema. Fortunately for us, he shares. Ben's not guilty about anything, nor does he need to be. He's got some sane advice for us all, which we do well to follow. (Thanks, Ben. I made my lists.)

What else do we have? Okay, your Editor's guilty pleasure this week was downloading Willem's wildlife picture, and then hiding in the wardrobe while gushing, 'Awww....' It's that cute. Our artist has to stop doing this. It's just not dignified for aged editors to be breaking out in baby talk like that.

We have a quiz and some humour, enough, we hope, to pique your interest and inspire you. Get to work on those guilty pleasures: you have an excuse now.

We told you to.

Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Rock Hyrax by Willem
  • .

  • Cleaning plankton from the ISS windows.



  • Zaharakos' ice cream parlour.
  • A very young waiter.

  • Biker's dawn.
  • September Create.

  • Let's go out to the lobby for some popcorn.
  • Merely corroborative detail...

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