September Create: Guilty Music Pleasure

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A metal-head shows her love of J-Pop

'Music was my first love and it will be my last'

So sang John Miles in the Summer of 1976.

He's not wrong either, music also plays a rather large role in my life too.
There is not a day goes by without me listening to something, usually several somethings. In the car, because I've thought of it, because I *always* stick something on in the morning.

Music lifts the spirit, feeds you when you're hungry. It can also let you wallow as much as you want.

Many a Rock and Folk gig has been attended. Many albums bought. Some might look at my CD collection or even some of the vinyl and wonder just what on earth was thinking when I bought that. An Ex-Boyfriend once laughed at me because I bought 'On Storyteller's Night', the fool. You may wonder why some of the artists are in my list as well, but amongst all the hair metal, classic rock and folk, there is one artist that is my guiltiest pleasure yet.

Step forward the sweetheart of J-Pop, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Take a look at the video for PONPONPON her first single. Are you back yet? Did you like it? Yes the lyrics are daft, the video is brightly coloured and quite surreal and should by rights be everything I despise about music, she is afterall a model as well and at just 21 has written her Autobiography. But it isn't, and I love it. In fact, she's really rather smiley - cool She sings songs about Alien invaders, sweets and Ninjas, even referencing her own line in fake eye lashes in the song Tsukematsukeru. She also appeared on the Japanese Soundtrack release of the film Star Trek: Into Darkness. Insanely girly and not at all like another favourite of mine, the J-Rock band Baby Metal

There, I've admitted mine. What's yours?

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