September Create: Biker's Dawn

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FWR doesn't often resort to verse, but this came to him while riding to work

Biker's Dawn

Teenage years all leather and haste.

An hour's sleep was such a waste.

Party hard with biker friends

Don't care how late each night ends.

Last man standing, tattered and torn

I'd ride my bike to greet the dawn.

All grown up, met the love of my life

I settled down with kids and wife.

Late night shifts with babies crying,

Still got to see the old day dying.

Babes in arms, a window seat

Gently rocking, the dawn I'd greet.

Work life too I'd take each chance

For night shift glimpses of the dance

Starscapes bleeding out to grey

I'd park the bike and greet the day.

Alone again with just the sun

And the rumble of the engine's run.

Now I feel I'm getting old

Still ride to work in pre-dawn cold.

Roadside runs along the river

Watching for that golden sliver.

Hit the switch, silence descends

Just me, my bike and empty bends.

My guilty pleasure? A lone sunrise.

A brand new day for just my eyes.

Like bikes, life travels by so fast

The next sunrise may be my last.

So please don't stop to say hello.

Leave me to my golden glow.

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