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Posted: 25th August 2014

A Three-Pipe Problem

Man smoking hookah. We get some really weird email at the Post. Okay, that's only to be expected, when you give the Prof your email address, but the contributors aren't the only loonies sending us Stuff. The other day, your Editor here found a missive with the subject line, 'Are you tired of bad water pipes?' O-kayy, I thought. Somebody who hasn't grokked the concept of 'virtual office' is trying to sell us plumbing supplies. One of my resident kibitzers – the one who can read and doesn't like catnip – looked over my shoulder and started to laugh. 'Er, not that kind of water pipes,' was her comment. 'It's an online head shop.' The light dawned. They must have read the Post, and assumed we might be in the market for inspiration.

Let us state, clearly and unequivocally: we do not advocate the use of illegal substances. No matter what country you live in, follow the rules. Our favourite tipple is Coca-Cola, which is not illegal anywhere, as far as we know, no matter what the nutritionists' lobby says. There. You have been told. All our mental activity, no matter how aberrant, is perfectly natural, gluten-free, and 100% organic.

The email we want, of course, comes not from head shops, but from the creative heads of h2g2ers. We want you thinking, creating, writing, and submitting. To do that, we support Create in its many challenges, which are open-ended (and open-minded) suggestions to get your juices flowing. This week, we've got some cool stuff to round out the August encounter challenge. Mags lets us in on more gaming avatars, and Cactuscafe introduces us to an intriguing bunch of RL characters who used a technology you younger people might not be familiar with. It's a cool story.

To keep your creative juices flowing, Magwitch also has a Create Extra this week: a challenge for you photographers out there. Do you see signs of the changing seasons? Take a snap, and share it with us. It need not be landscape, and it need not even be outdoors. Is this the season for you to change your socks? Well…

Willem and Ben are back with insightful features. Awix has been laughing like a loon at a movie – talk about your guilty pleasures... We've got a quiz to challenge your grey cells, and humour to amuse. Read, comment, get inspired. And then go out there and prepare your next contribution. Send us an email: if you've forgotten the address (unlike that salesman), check down the page.

And have a wonderful week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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  • August Create.

  • Tanley meets Livingston.

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