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Are you new to h2g2?

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Trudy Utterly

Just landed. Although H2G2 has been sat in my bookmarks for a few months now.

Are you new to h2g2?

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Member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch

Hello, I am new here too smiley - smiley
I came here through the salmon of doubt (and I still wish I had Access to L-space to read all the Dirk Gently books that never got written in our universe smiley - wah)

Are you new to h2g2?

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Icy North

Welcome to the madhouse!

So, what is this L-space of which you speak? I enjoyed Dirk Gently - I recently caught up with the BBC Radio version, which was fun.

Are you new to h2g2?

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor


L-Space is the space of all possible books in the universe. Every library has a secret entrance to L-Space through which for instance the Librarian (Ook) travels secretly.

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Any of you planning for the Manchester meet? A87879866
I missed the London one, but hey, a piss-up in Pasteys brewery isn't to be sneezed at smiley - biggrin

smiley - towel

Are you new to h2g2?

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I am a writer of wrongs, rather than a practical righter of wrongs. I am currently working on a series books, dissecting the English language, entitled Logic Lists English. I have also written two joke books (watch out Post!), two collection of short stories, two collections of my thoughts (Empty Thoughts from an Empty Head / Observations from Another Planet), plus artwork of sorts, including plastic Easter Eggs full of street detritus, from when I used to deliver leaflets and found all this stuff to distract from the boring routine of everyday life, come rain, come shine (mostly rain as it was Glasgow)as well as what I call Ransom Note Art as it is cut out words and images, principally from magazines and newspapers as well as sweet and food wrappers. I also sometimes come up with innovations, mostly social. I live in Scotland as you may have gathered from the Glasgow reference but originally emanated from Norfolk. I live with my wife and our two dogs. I may or may not be on the autistic spectrum, higher functioning but it may explain my highly creative and sometimes annoying nature (to me as well as everybody else, hence twenty years of migraines). I like science fiction films and TV, plus second world war films (obsessed with tanks in my youth), Roman history (that's in the past and yes you can take that in both senses of the word), dinosaurs, natural history and hill walking.

Are you new to h2g2?

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Hello sounds an interesting collection of interests not many romanists around thease days.
Welcomesmiley - cheers

Are you new to h2g2?

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Ta as in thank you, not the feathered in a barrel kind!

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