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The fiftieth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 29.10.12

    Spooky Hallowe'en tales from cactuscafe and minorvogonpoet, while Florida Sailor goes back to the original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Don't Panic (as someone once said...) Rod has instructions for how to make your own tinfoil hat! Phew!

  • 05.11.12

    Pastey reveals Whodunnit, Rodney and Reggie revel in chocs, NoseBagBear tries being an assasin, and King Bomba ekes out austere rations with blackberries and dulse. Though not together.

  • 12.11.12

    Storm shares the moving and sobering story of how alternative treatments can cause more harm than good. Coelacanth describes a day in the life of a movie extra, and jwf is staring into a teacup.

  • 19.11.12

    Tavaron reviews the latest Hitman game, Bluebottle has a devious quiz of villains' last lines, and Tucuxii remembers Great Uncle Walter.

  • 26.11.12

    Smudger has a nasty scare, Galaxy Babe has soome cool eclipse photos to share, and Benjaminpmoore knows what it means to care.

  • 03.12.12

    NaJoPoMo is finally over, and Dmitri bravely sums up the truly eclectic outpourings of the inspired hootizens. Florida Sailor finds a Christmas treasure map. And there are other cathedrals in Barcelona than the Sagrada Familia - Phoenician Trader explores.

  • 10.12.12

    Solnushka acts as scribe to give the toddler's guide to London's SEALIFE aquarium, while Willem has some aadorable aardvarks. The Perils of Paulh is either genius or madness - you decide!

  • 17.12 12

    Think you know Star Trek? Then why don't you boldly go to Galaxy Babe's quiz! Phoenician Trader visits Kings College Cambridge before its busy Christmas season, and jwf conjures up 3 sisters.

  • 24.12.12

    Christmas time! Miseltoe and wine! Amongst the box of delights in the Holdiay issue is a reflective poem from Smudger, thought-provoking observations on gun control from Hypatia, and Awix's review of the long-anticipated cinematic journey of The Hobbit.

  • 31.12.12

    Apocalypse? What apocalypse? Check the Gheorgheniplex. Santragenius V has dreamed a dream of friendship, and Benjaminpmoore knows what he wants the new year to bring.

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