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Posted: 5th November 2012


Ray Mears contemplates navigating his way back to civilisation.
Ever feel you're out in the world without a compass? You've come to the right place. Not only do we share the feeling – frequently – but we do something about it.

We make our own maps.

Okay, the maps may be a bit over-decorated. They may occasionally contain snarky marginalia. And we may still be arguing about whether to measure in miles or kilometers. But hey, that's part of the fun.

In this issue, Deke's still getting his kayaka wet (but not himself, thanks for the note, PT). Willem's still painting and sketching. jwf is still doing whatever it is he does, ditto the Prof. Some people are branching out: KB's been using his time machine for a 1940s cooking lesson. Pastey's stopped coding long enough to host a murder mystery evening (wasn't that fun?), so now the team's going to reveal Who Dunnit. We've been dying to know, though Mr Body's already dead. Nosebagbadger has been dodging bullets – the non-lethal kind, he'll tell you all about it. Your Editor here has been rummaging through art history, with the result that we have a new series for you, Pre-Raphaelite Theatre. Enjoy, or not – fans of 'sloshy' art, stay away.

In breaking news, you may have noticed the hurricane last week, even if you were on the other side of the planet. The storm did a lot of damage in the US, and we're grieving the losses. Florida Sailor has a personal account for us of a beloved ship, and those who were lost with her. At times like this, we should remember those 'in peril on the sea'.

A h2g2 heads-up: as you may have noticed, November is NaJoPoMo month (is that a tautology?) around here. This means that many h2g2ers will be posting a journal entry every day. If you want to read along, check out the Create Project page for a rundown on who's writing where.

Enjoy your week, and remember to Send Stuff.

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