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Posted: 19th November 2012


We've been putting people to work on h2g2, left, right, and centre. If you noticed, last week, I asked for volunteers to join the Post Staff. Two new members jumped right in.

You could have knocked me over with a proverbial feather.

Please welcome Magwitch and Asteroid Lil to the Post ranks. We really appreciate their participation. Mags has already taught me a few new swear words.

Over at Create's NaJoPoMo Project, LOTS of h2g2ers have been put to work. In this issue, we bring you an update on the doings, and some typically Post-type suggestions for how you, as reader, can contribute to the frivolity.

The Community Artists, of course, are truly hard-working members of the h2g2 community. They report that the h2g2 calendar for 2013 is ready for an eager market. You know you want one – or two, or three. . . According to Tavaron, 'Our glorious leader Pastey himself is responsible for the cover picture, other contributors were: Anthea, Rosie, Happy Nerd and Mr Nerd, Hati, Matt and Asteroid lil.' She adds, ' Like last year we have added lots of different holidays and all important astronomic happenings of 2013 and also many pictures on the days themselves (most of them done by Rosie).' On sale now – get 'em while they're hot.

In this issue, we invite you to read and respond actively: there are two quizzes for you to sharpen your wits on. There are fun facts to know and tell, beautiful pictures to gaze upon, awful cartoons and poems to laugh at, action-filled accounts to be thrilled by, and thoughtful stories from which to catch inspiration.

Once you're inspired, of course, you're going to want to contribute, so here's my last announcement.

Christmas is coming.

This year, like last year, the Post is NOT going on hiatus. Don't expect everybody else to entertain you. The baton is going to be passed to you around this virtual campfire, so get a story ready. The theme? Anything you remember about a particular Christmas. Something that happened to you, or a friend or family member, or somewhere around the world that you know about. Share it with us. We're eager to learn. Maybe, like the lady in the picture, you're not getting enough action on Facebook. But you'll get your share on h2g2.

Have a good week, and keep busy!

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