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Posted: 12th November 2012

Motion in Both Directions

The gorge swimming hole. h2g2ers: always on the go. The thing is, you can go with the flow, follow (or even lead) the trends, or you can buck the tide, fight against the current. Which do we do? Depends. What time is it?

This week's issue brings you the best of both approaches to life on Earth. On the one hand, some of our contributors are savouring the moment – a lot of these moments are outdoors, and very well illustrated. Willem's heard a hoot, and Pastey's smelled some peat. He's also sent us some photos, come look.

On the other hand, there are times you need to stand up and be counted. We reflect on that, with the Armistice Day season upon us. benjaminpmoore wants us to think about what civil courage means to those who are battling more than their share of life's adversities. They tell it well, we urge you to read.

The usual suspects are here, with snarkiness, fun, and enough weirdness to make you hold your head.

We welcome coelacanth to these pages – it's been awhile, she says – as she lets us in on the glamorous life of a film extra. We snagged this bit of personal narrative from Create's NaJoPoMo Project. Lots of Researchers are doing it – keeping a journal every day for a whole month. Paulh is telling a surreal story. Beatrice and Minorvogonpoet are telling their adventures in verse. Z is teaching us medical terns we never knew before, like 'dyspraxia'. And Icy North is teasing us, as usual. Your Editor is compiling a month-long list of free films on the internet. If you have a yen to read any of these, just click on the names on the Project page.

Special Stop-Press Advert!!!
Requirements: Must be able to deal with GuideML. Must have a couple of hours free every week. Must like the Post.
In accordance with the Geneva Agreement of 2142, all sanity requirements are waived for jobs with the Post.
Remuneration: Wait until we stop laughing. Er, you get the love and thanks of man, woman, and hamster.
Apply to: The Post at postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. (If you can figure out that address, you qualify.)

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Have a good week!

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