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Posted: 10th December 2012

h2g2 from A to Zed

h2g2 Post ABCs. Some of us can't count too well. But we know our ABCs. And since this week's issue of the Post starts with that wonderful word, 'aardvark', we thought we'd explore the alphabet. (Thanks, Willem! You see why we're glad we have an Afrikaans speaker around?)

As usual, our Post writers have boxed the compass, from soup to nuts. What's that you say? What do you mean, mixed metaphor? Your compass doesn't have a menu on it? What kind of compass is that1? Ours leads straight to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe… Oh, okay, note to self: up the medication. Ahem.

To proceed: As you recall, NaJoPoMo was a barrel of laughs, many of them provided by Paulh. By popular request, Paul has supplied us with a brief summary of his runaway success, 'The Perils of Paulh'. The 'runaway' part was literal: he was in and out of reality so much, the readers had to go and lie down between episodes. In the NaJoPoMo vein, we also have a guest appearance by the first toddler to write a travel guide to London. Solnushka has something to do with that.

Besides aardvarks, we've got kayaks, churches, and cinema, and funny pictures, and weird UFO news, and... in short, the usual. Which means the unusual. We'll leave you to find it.

Remember: as you're getting ready for the holidays, think of the Post. No, don't send us candy canes – SEND YOUR ANECDOTES.

'Nuff said. Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni











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1Icy North has a compass for drawing one-eyed penguins.

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