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How 'bout dem ...

Click on the team name below and it'll take you to a thread where you can discuss the latest ponderings. If the team you want to discuss isn't shown, add a thread (with the appropriate title) and I'll add the link here during my next updates.

AFC NorthCincinnati BengalsPittsburgh Steelers  
AFC EastMiami DolphinsNew England Patriots  
AFC WestDenver BroncosKansas City ChiefsOakland Raiders 
NFC NorthChicago Bears   
NFC EastDallas CowboysPhiladelphia EaglesWashington Redskins 
NFC WestArizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ersSeattle Seahawks 

Our Team

We're all budding NFL stars but no-one believes us. So we've started our own franchise, yet to be named. Request your shirt numbers and suggest a name for the team here.

13QBBlatherskite the MugwumpMiami Dolphins
27HBFiedlers FizzleMiami Dolphins
44FBWildmanWashington Redskins
65CKu'ReshtinDallas Cowboys
80WRResearcher Eagle 1*Philadelphia Eagles
83WREgon*New England Patriots
84TEBlues SharkSeattle Seahawks
75DEBright Blue ShortsOakland Raiders
50OLBFriarChicago Bears
51MLBJDOakland Raiders
Chicago Bears
54MLBResearcher 239638Chicago Bears
?Def-LBKiltedJediSan Francisco 49ers
32DBThunderbear1Miami Dolphins
Kansas City Chiefs
Special Teams
1KPatsFanUKNew England Patriots
Waived at start of 2003 season
Gladly, the cross-eyed bearCarolina Panthers
* on injured reserve

Predictions Competitions

We run a weekly predictions league. Details of the standings and results so far are over at Amfoot Predictions Competition 2004 page.

  • At the start of the week someone will post a list of the weekend's fixtures.
  • You predict which team will win each game.
  • After the actual games have been played, someone evaluates all the predictions and announces a winner for the week.
  • To be considered as the winner for the overall season you will need to participate on at least 12 weeks of the 17-week regular season.
  • The overall winner will be the person with the best winning percentage.
  • The tie-breaker will be having won on the most individual weeks.

Click on the week number to get to the appropriate thread.

2003 Predictions Winner - Wildman - 168 of 256 correct - 0.6563

2002 Predictions Winner - Researcher Eagle 1 - 0.6161 winning percentage

Other Games We Play

Along the way we've had some good times, we've had some funs, we've played some games. Of course the Amfoot Trivia Questions are across the way, but there are also these games to play.

H2G2 Fantasy Football League

Commissioner Blathers has set us up the H2G2 Fantasy Amfoot League over on Yahoo! Wildman has done us the honour of setting up a page for it. You can find out how we're doing over there.

Amfoot Trivia Questions - Hall of Fame

The ATQHoF now has 2 members Fiedlers Fizzle and Blues Shark. Click here to go visit the Hall.

The Trivia Questions themselves have been split off to their own entry to avoid them dominating the Forum.

Ongoing threads

Sightings of Football Paraphenalia

Especially if you're based outside of the States, keep us updated on any sightings of football shirts or associated paraphenalia. Was it a Titan in Tescos or a Denver fan in the Dog and Duck? Make sure you let us know.

Some Useful Links

  • A good website for Football Statistics discussion is FootballOutsiders. Enjoy!
  • The website
  • A superb website chronicling the now-defunct USFL of the 1980s.
  • An excellent website containing historical and current news about the game in Britain.
  • Everything you could want to see in the world of helmets!
  • A guide to stadia of the NFL - past and present.

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