Amfoot Predictions League 2004

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For anyone who has come across this page by accident, I should explain that the members of the H2G2 American Football Forum attempt to predict the winners of every match in the NFL regular season.

2002 Predictions Winner - Researcher Eagle 1 - 61.6%

2003 Predictions Winner - Wildman - 168 of 256 correct - 65.6%

Running totals (after week 14)

137-71 (.659) Thunderbear
132-76 (.635) Blues Shark
131-77 (.630) Wildman
129-79 (.620) Bright Blue Shorts
128-80 (.615) Blatherskite the Mugwump
127-81 (.611) Ku'Reshtin
110-70 (.611) Pats Fan UK
115-77 (.599) Jimi X
116-92 (.558) Demon Drawer

37.5% ( 6-10) Egon

Week No.12345678910111213141516
Bright Blue Shorts9-710-69-510-45-911-36-89-58-67-712-410-611-512-4??
Blatherskite the Mugwump8-87-911-38-69-510-46-84-109-57-713-310-613-313-3??
Blues Shark10-69-78-67-78-68-68-68-68-68-613-313-312-411-5??
St. Demon Drawer8-89-79-58-66-88-67-77-76-89-58-89-79-713-3??
Jimi X9-711-59-57-77-710-49-56-88-610-411-5---8-810-6??
Pats Fan UK9-77-9---6-88-69-56-8---8-68-610-612-413-314-2??
Thunderbear9-710-610-47-78-69-56-811 - 38-610-412-413-312-412-4??

To the American Football Forum.

The H2G2 American Football - Fantasy League 2004

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