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NFL on terrestrial TV - 2010 season

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In case anyone is
a) still lurking here, and
b) hasn't been keeping an eye on the NFLUK site

smiley - drumroll Not only is Sunday Night Football on Channel 4 this season, but the broadcast team will be Gary Imlach and Mike Carlson.

I am a 'tad' pleased with this combination of nostalgia and awesomeness smiley - magicsmiley - ok

Now all I need is the Packer O-line to keep Rodgers safe long enough for him to do his stuff, and get another Lombardi in the trophy cabinet smiley - biggrin

NFL on terrestrial TV - 2010 season

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Bright Blue Shorts

No way! It's the dream team AND it's free on terrestrial - whoopee! I'm guessing we're talking SNF rather than 6-midnight games ...

NFL on terrestrial TV - 2010 season

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Full details of UK coverage:

Sunday 6pm and 9.15: Sky Sports
Sunday Night Football: Channel 4
Monday Night Football: ESPN

Playoffs: Sky

Radio: Five Live Sports Extra will cover one game a week.

NFL on terrestrial TV - 2010 season

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Ku'Reshtin (Bring the beat back!)

It's awesome.
And I have access to all of those channels. smiley - smiley

NFL on terrestrial TV - 2010 season

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I've loved the channel 4 coverage. I like ESPN using the full American MNF coverage. I only have Sky as an iPhone App so have to watch it on a tiny little screen.

I was on holiday in New York this week and watched MNF in the Bull Moose Saloon in Hell's kitchen, surrounded by supporters of the Bears and Saints (As a result of the Great American Diaspora which leads people from all over the country to NYC)[actually people converging on somewhere is probably the opposite of a diaspora, but my knowledge of latin isn't good enough to work out the right word.]{Added to which it's 4am and I've been drinking for several hours} as well as locals, which made for a fantastic atmosphere

NFL on terrestrial TV - 2010 season

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A sign of how long I've been drinking is that I typed Saints when I meant Packers.

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