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Anyone still around?

The family NFL collective (one each of Packers, Seahawks, Bucs, Steelers and Dolphins) is off to Wembley this weekend, my fantasy team is doing variably - generally winning but the one week I score 82 points it's a draw smiley - doh, and the Packers (shhh!) are doing quite well again.


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I went to the NFL game last year, first time I'd ever been to one and I really enjoyed it. Couldn't go this year, sadly, as couldn't get the Monday off work.

As a patriots fan I'm really happy with our offence this season, but the defensive form is pretty dopey. But I work with a dolphins fan, which makes everything seem so much better


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Ahh Patriots. Loving Wes Welker on the fantasy side, and even with a less effective D than some years you're still winning.

Yes, my sister (the marine-mammals supporter) is not amused with the Dolphins record so far... I of course am not teasing her one bit!


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Demon Drawer

As my Cowboys are now in a different stadium from when we started up this forum it seems appropriate not now the H2G2 franchise has up and moved too smiley - smiley


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Jimi X

My Steelers are looking old. But then I look in the mirror... smiley - laugh

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