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I decided to split the Amfoot Trivia Questions off to their own thread as they were dominating the main discussion forum.

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  • Leaderboard cleared down.

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Trivia Quiz Leaderboard (up to and including Question 0169)

Here is the leader board ...

Hall of Famers - 25+

  • Fiedlers Fizzle - induction began 15 February 2003
  • Blues Shark - induction to be arranged

All-Pro's (20-24)

  • None yet this round.

Pro Bowlers (15-19)

  • None yet this round

Starters (10-14)

  • None yet this round

Reserves (5-9)

  • Bright Blue Shorts smiley - stoutsmiley - stoutsmiley - stoutsmiley - stoutsmiley - stout

Rookies - (1-4)

  • Blathers smiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale
  • FiedlersFizzlesmiley - alesmiley - ale
  • Friar smiley - ale
  • Thunderbears smiley - ale
  • Wildman smiley - ale

Rules of the Trivia Questions

  1. 1 point per question. When multiple answers are required the point goes to the person completing the answer.
  2. No researching answers from the NFL Record and Factbook or Google or whatever. Answers should come from either guesswork, memory or a combination of both.
  3. The question setter gets to decide the winner, and should reward them with a point and a pint (or beverage of their choosing).
  4. Bonus questions are only worth a beverage.
  5. The winner sets the next question.
  6. No more draft questions (well not too frequently).
  7. The rules are open to question and interpretation.
  8. Occasionally try and pitch a question with a simple or purely guessable answer for those who aren't as statistically anal as myself or FF ...
  9. In the interest of "everybody" getting a fair shot at the question, players may not post consecutive guesses within an hour.
  10. When a participant has 25 questions correct they will be inducted into the Amfoot Trivia Questions Hall of Fame (hereby more commonly referred to as the ATQHoF). All participants' scores will be reset to zero and a fresh start made.
  11. HoFers are allowed to continue play the quiz, but must wait until one of the following has occurred:
    • 3 different people has attempted to answer the question.
    • 15 postings have been made to the question (exclusive of the HoFers).
    • 24 hours has passed since the question was set.

    Although still able to participate HoFers cannot "win" the leaderboard again, and are just here for the beers.
  12. The question setter can change any of the stated rules, or even add to them. So I guess that actually they're only really guidelines.
  13. No-one called Sheila can play ...

Setting questions ...

Experience is beginning to tell us that it helps to have a question that has a single, concrete, easily defined answer. If you think the question needs multiple information, think again. Although it can be fun to test the range of knowledge of participants, asking for Who won Superbowl XVI, who were their opponents, where was it played, and what were the names of the four 49ers who never got to play? opens the answer up to someone nipping in with the final piece of missing information at the last post, even though a previous player knew all the rest. Unfair ... Much more preferred just to ask for the names of one of the four who never played (answer: Guy Benjamin, Walt Easley, Lenvil Elliott, Saladin Martin).

Previous Form

Last time ...

  • Blues Shark became eligible for the fabled ATQHoF.
  • Bright Blue Shorts reached All-Pro status.
  • Blatherskite the Mugwump reached Starter status.
  • JD reached Reserve status.
  • Researcher Eagle 1 reached Rookie status.
  • Egon reached Rookie status.
  • PatsFanUK reached Rookie status.
  • Wildman reached Rookie status.

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