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Posted: 16thJanuary 2003


Doesn't time fly when you are busy, for indeed we are very busy at The Post Office, and we are finding editing each issue to be getting more time consuming each week.

Not that both Shazz and I don't enjoy our time together, in fact we are becoming more like a married couple than your average wedded in bliss pairing. The only thing that differs is that up to yet we have not had an argument, not bad for people who have worked together for nearly a year. But saying that, we feel it is time to be a little stricter with how our work arrives, to find out more read the handily entitled article 'Inside The Post and Other Stories..'. Nothing to Panic about, but if you could help us out, we would be ever so grateful.

Shazz has just informed me that the Post has 'clicked over', and I haven't finished writing this editorial yet ~sigh~. Tis my fault completely, my mind has been else where, just watched David Attenborough on the TV talking about whales, they are very big you know, in every way!!!!

Oh and I also got excited upon receiving an e-mail telling me that the new Harry Potter book is to be released in June, something to look forward to ~grin~. So sorry about being late, as I said at the beginning of this piece, time flies when you are busy, and fingers fly when I am late.

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Greebo T. Cat

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