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There has been a new flurry of interest in quality non-EG writing and the notion of The Underguide, so our man Subcom has got together a page here that lays down just about all the details as to where we've been, where we think we are and where we think we might consider going in the future. The more the merrier, as we've always said, so come on over and lend a hand/ear/typing_finger!

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And now, this weeks Cunningly Cobbled Cambridge CAC

Contrary to certain wholly unfounded rumours, there are some things worth knowing about the UK's second most prestigious university town1.

So this week your faithful CAC scavenger crew digs up the h2-low-down on Cambridge, UK; but don't bother looking here or indeed, here coz those are no help whatever! Theoretically, the Edited Guide is giving you the really important factual and informative stuff here, but fortunately there's more to h2g2 than the EG!

Perhaps it'd be best to start with Bernard's

Alternative insight into the origins and essence of Cambridge

Yes, it's all true!


Bernard touches briefly on what appears to be the great bane of the native population of that ancient seat of second-best learning; it's recent invasion by the thronging foreign hordes! smiley - oblongomaculatus faces them everyday and some of them live to tell the tale. Well, he certainly does, anyway:

Cambridge's Tourist Menace


How different crime literature could have been had Raymond Chandler been born in a different time and place:

The Mean Streets of Cambridge by Chrome 101



Finally, a little tale that probably contains some facts that may be true. This is a terrific read just for the mental image it conjures up.

"I say your highness, is that really a ...? How ghastly!"

The The 1914 Oxford Cambridge Boat Race by Researcher 192629


On behalf of the Committee for Alien Content,

who wish you the best for 2003,



"42 may be the answer, but we believe there are still questions to be asked."

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1well, there may or may not be a cathedral there, but it ain't what I'd call a city

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