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Posted: 27th June 2011




There are two good reasons not to panic, h2g2ers. The first one is that, in spite of the name at the bottom of this editorial, you only have to put up with me this week, until Bel gets back. She's off having a ball – well, she's not having it, but she's attending it. Something about a graduation ceremony. She's got her dancing shoes on, and she'll be the belle of the Abi-Ball, our Bel will... Well, you know what I mean. I expect her to bring me back some punch, or something. In the meantime, I have tried to keep the drivel to a minimum. I was helped, this time. People actually sent in stuff. Good stuff, even (see below).

The other reason not to panic is one you all already know about – unless you've been on an intergalactic cruise in your game room all week. h2g2 has been saved! By...well, us. You, me, Robbie Stamp, the Larholms, and all our nearest and dearest over at h2g2c3. Pats on the back all round. We're wonderful. Er, and modest, too, as Prof Animal Chaos keeps pointing out.

What that means is that we're going to be calling on all of you to volunteer, sooner or later, to do something to help us get off to a rocketing start. I've heard peeps out of our peeps, in the direction of 'I'd like to make sure that we...' or 'I might be willing to...' Heh-heh, and evil grins from those of us on lists...we know where you live. We will be calling. Prepare to write GuideML. If you're interested in helping us at The Post, and you've been waiting for an invite, this is it.

In the meantime, bask. Sit back, read, enjoy. There's some good stuff in here, especially since very little of it is mine. I'm off to polish the brass on the doorplate...we're here to stay, folks.

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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