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The forty-sixth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 13.06.11

    The untimely death of Pedantic Bar Steward is marked with some tributes. Bel finishes her Turkish sojourn, Phoneician Trader is assuriant in Adelaide, and Dmitri delivers some alternatives to twiddling your thumbs while waiting.

  • 20.06.11

    Hygenicdispenser makes their Post debut with a picture for Around the World in 80 Days. The competition heats up with Pinniped, Rod, and Happy Nerd all submitting entires for Saving the Best till Last, while a sporting contest with a difference is taking place on Bluebottle's Isle of Wight.

  • 27.06.11

    What's new, pussycat? Well, there are two new moons in July, Galaxy Babe informs us, Smudger's back with a new set of wheels, and Mazin' Mad Fiddler has penned a poem in praise of NooHooToo.

  • 04.07.11

    Mr Inquisitor asks Researcher 5 (aka co-saviour of h2g2 Robbie Stamp) all the biz, Icy's drummed up another fiendish word quiz, and Bea continues her round Britain whizz. Tis a great edition, so it is.

  • 11.07.11

    There are a whopping 10 more entrants for the Saving the Best till Last competition, as well as notes from both Around the Sundial, and of the Musical variety, covering the Big Apple and a very big symphony. Pinniped launches the Showcase idea, and there's a super review of Super from Awix.

  • 18.07.11

    Change is afoot in hootooland, and The Post scoops an interview with the Larholms of Noesis. Gnomon rounds off his Noo Yoik experiences, while further south Hypatia recounts an encounter with a tornado. Vestboy unravels the myriad mysteries of the metric system, and Dmitri's challenge is to be inspired by a Diamond.

  • 25.07.11

    Mudhooks makes her Post debut reminiscing about taverns, Smudger recalls paying off his mortgage, and Awix looks back to the original Planet of the Apes. But can you spot which Neil Diamond song inspired which article in the rest of this edition?

  • 01.08.11

    It's love at first site for first-time Post author Deep Doo Doo, the sight of the final shuttle mission moves Galaxy Babe, and three researchers go sight-seeing in Frankfurt.

  • 08.08.11

    Rod visits an unusual winery, minorvogonpoet ponders the British flag, Prof invents some astral dinos (aided by Willem), and Dmitri takes fiction far too seriously.

  • 15.08.11

    Phoenician Trader is unimpressed by a spa hotel, but h5ringer is entranced by Mozart. Mudhooks escapes from an elk, and Willem introduces us to the elegant genet.

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