Making Your Personal Space 'Digibox Friendly'...

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'Because Short-Cuts Are Always Quicker Than The Long Ones...?!'

If you are a digibox user from Telewest or NTL you know from experience how difficult it can be to access some lengthy Conversations...

Of course as you've probably read 'Accessing Conversations With An Out-Of-Memory Digibox' you already know that, thanks to the Friends of LeisureDistrict, the impossible has been made possible at last.

'But it can be tedious at times using that [wonderful and very useful] trick.'

And by the time the digibox users reach an entry where they want to contribute to a Conversation they might be back in their usual h2g2 skin which then makes their attempt impossible again... doh!

A short-cut does exist and it has been suggested by both Manda and kow in various threads...

Write down
h2g2="">Click here to make this space digibox friendly1
between the usual GuideML LINKS CODES and presto you have made your Conversations accessible to all the digibox users...

This link/short-cut can also be written on plain-text so every digibox user can add it to their personal space even if they don't use GuideML; all they need to do is write:
with their own U number...

The Friends Of
Digibox and PC

Promoting A Digibox Friendly Environment On H2G2...

To encourage the addition of such short-cut/link on as many personal spaces possible, we will list under the "entry data" every Researcher who made the effort to add it to their page...

If you have made your personal space digibox friendly, tell us here and we will add your name as soon as possible...

Thank you in advance on behalf of all the digibox users on h2g2...

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Or The FoLDers' Arms...
1with your own U number

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