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Is it my MARQUEE tags

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That are my problem?(I hope not)

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Is it my MARQUEE tags

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Loup Dargent

how many have you got?!...smiley - yikes

one of the first problems is that your main page AND the digi-one are very wide... that doesn't help the machine at all...

another question as i can't check your U page... have you got the "who's got me on their friends list" gimmick on?!... we found out [thanks to SEF] that it was one of the problems with the H2G2/LDers Space main page...smiley - smiley

i'm going offline right now... but should be back around 10pm [hopefully]... but i'm sure someone will also look into the problem as well...smiley - cool

so first thing we need to know: how many MARQUEE tags have you got?!.. from experience one or two is not a problem [tho' it won't be moving when looking with the digibox.]..

then, is the "who's got me on their friends list" on?!... that's a killer...smiley - cry

is it possible to reduce the space's [and digi-page's] width a bit?!...smiley - whistle

i almost managed to scroll down the whole A number page of your space so it's not impossible to make it a tad more digibox accessible without losing too much in the process ...smiley - cool

talk soon...smiley - surfer

loupsmiley - fullmoon

Is it my MARQUEE tags

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Loup Dargent

i didn't realise that the convo was not on the H2G2/LDers Advice Space A1027171 but it's no biggy... if i need more help i can post a link to this thread and someone will comes...smiley - cool

i won't be able to go to the library tomorrow, so i won't be able to have a good check at your space until friday... but we've got something to start with...smiley - biggrin

smiley - surfer

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