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The Return of the CAC Continuum - Part Deux
Redressed Issue)

Is this the place?

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After a bit of a hiatus, the Continuum doth returneth.
We all had things to see and people to do. It’s been a good break and we
are glad to be up and running again, bringing you the best entries this side
of the galaxy1. Anyway, here are the pieces for your viewing pleasure. All
these entries are things that you can do during that really boring period
between New Year’s Day and the start of work/school/life in
Vive Le New Year!!

A DIY Start Trek experience. And who said it was all done
with cardboard sets?

A8184909 by U202814

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Carrots. More than just a vegetable...

A8184936 by U191521

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Another view of God.

A8184972 by U2806591

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A New Year isn't the same without a cup of tea. And a
good cup of tea deserves a good biscuit.
So here's some tips on how to
combine the two in perfect harmony -

A8184981 by U1874398

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A New Year will undoubtedly bring about an election of
some sort, somewhere.
To help you through it we bring you -

A8185016 by U524615

smiley - peacesign

Feeling lonely this year? Resolution to make more
Why not try starting a Cult?

A8185034 by U2230317

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Remember if you like what you see,
leave a message with the relevant Researcher.
You can always suggest
writing for the CAC Continuum either by contacting
The Post, by getting in
or by visiting us at our own place.

This week's CAC Continuum was begged, borrowed and stolen by
U1874398 and MJ

as part of the Committee for Alien Content's Continuing search
for truth and a wider audience.

Speak for yourself!

The CAC Continuum

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