who is this god person anyway! (CAC Edition)

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Technology is great in it year after year new toys and gadgets appear which are designed to make our lives easier. As soon as one person invents something you can bet a few weeks down the line a new and improved version will be out there with a lot more lights. Man cant help to try to improve what's gone before. Even our own bodies have been lovingly recreated and improved through genetic sciences. Robots are becoming more and more advanced and more and more like us, though of course not exactly like us they will have to be better of course. They will have to be faster, stronger why give them just normal eyes when they could have x ray vision etc etc.

We are not long away from a fully walking talking machine which can do the things we do but better, and they will become our way of as they already do exploring environments which are hostile to us. Now my point if we genetically engineer a robot, humanoid etc we make it in our image but with improvements on our limitations. As we have created this being ourselves we are in effect its creator or term another word god. Built to excel in an environment where we cant live or move about in ourselves. These machines are our children and they are superior to us by design. Now what if you believe in a God, a creator of mankind wouldn't the same applied. God created man in his own image, if he did would he improve us if he was such a great God surly it would make sense to make a few tweaks here and there. wouldn’t it? Are we a new and improved version of an old design are we in effect better than what ever created us? Could it be at all possible that we are better than God? What do you think?

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