The Red Dwarf

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It's Cold Outside, There's no Kind of Atmosphere, I'm all alone, more or less,
Let me fly, far away from here, fun fun fun, in the sun, sun, sun!!
I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose, sipping fresh mangoe juice, Goldfish Shoals, nibbling at my toes! Fun, Fun, Fun, In the Sun, Sun, Sun!! Fun, Fun, Fun, In the Sun, Sun, Sun!!

Imagine a spaceship the size of a small city. Next Imagine that ship in the blackness of space 3 million years from earth. Then imagine that ship in the hands of a flea ridden slob from Birmingham, a selfcentered cat-humanoid, a hologram with ... well, he's a git... a selfless (not really) mechanoid, a computer program with an alleged i.q. of 6000, and a human female who just wants to get the hell away and have a nice bath. Then you've got "Red Dwarf", a very popular british show of the 80's and 90's blah blah blah...

Basically, this* all started when three earth-based (we think)humans sat down at their computers and had a nice chat on h2g2 about how cool that show is, and how a fanclub or something should be started... Well, that was just not enough... so here it is: The Red Dwarf, here, for your entertainment.
Just sign up in the captain's office, and pick a cabin. Remember that this ship is the size of a small city, so there should be enough cabins to go around... But remember: This is NOT Dungeons and Dragons style Roleplaying, so no flying Shurikens or hitpoints or anything. just act yourself, or whatever...

So far we have onboard:

Existential Elevator- Well... she's an Elevator, what more can I say?
A.J. Rimmer- Yea, well he's still here...
Sergeant Mushroom and Cleo- Seems to be the only normal person onboard
Stoney- Ship's Technician, Rimmer's Superior smiley -
Plato- Give him all your money...
Rampaging Pantyhose- she's... got no boooooody! smiley -
Johanna the Psychotic banana- has swirly things on her ceiling
Simon the Silly Sausage- Ship's doctor
Cal Fortuneswell- Our First Troglodite

Places to visit:

The Officer's club and bar -sit back and have an ice cold lager, or a hot curry... run by Bob the scutter

The Captain's office -sign up here, and join the space corps.

The Bridge- Watch out for Asteroids...
The Cargo Decks- Check out all the ancient Cat relics
The Red Dwarf Quiz- well, it's a quiz, duh...

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