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Common Problems and Possible Solutions

Unable to access 'Who's Online'.
There is a Who's Online link accessable by digibox users in Plain Text or GuideML you can add to your space.

Unable to access some threads. Each conversation thread is made up of pages, with 20 posts on each page. When the posts get to about 14-16, the digibox memory is unable to load the data..either the screen freezes, or it shuts down and re-boots (crashes). No real or long term solution known. There will be times when your 'box' memory is low and your system will crash for any or no apparrent reason.

Possible Solution to long conversation threads

Friends of Leisure District have come up with a viable solution to the problem of accessing longer conversation threads..Find out [email protected] Making Your Space 'Digibox Friendly'

Guide Entries and Peer Review Forums

You will find that you are limited as to the amount of text you can enter in a Guide Entry. At this point, your entry will look fine when 'Preview' is clicked, but when 'Update Entry' is clicked, 'Error in GuideML' will appear and the bottom of your text will be missing. You will then have two choices, shorten the Guide Entry or split entry between two pages joined with a link, as was done with this Enrty.

If you submit a Guide Entry to one of the Peer Review forums, Peer Review,Writing Workshop,Collaborative Writing or Alternative Writing Workshop then decide you want to remove your Entry, you will find your digibox system does not recognise the 'Remove' link. If you can access the conversation thread allocated to your Entry, request in a post there for a Scout to post you a remove link, or ask Amy the Ant (Guru) to post you a remove link, remembering to include the 'A' number and which of the forums your Entry is in. Scouts and Amy are busy people, it would be unfair to inundate them with requests to remove Entries. So please read Writing Guidelines and be sure your Entry is appropiate and submitted to the correct review forum.

Where to find Advice and Help

For advice on using digibox access click emmily or Detective Armani or for technical help click Friends of Leisure Disrtict. or The WebTV Help Desk If you need to use Help Desk, suggest you go down page and click "Discuss this Entry," starting a new conversation thread, as using the 'problem box'Friends of Leisure Disrtict.
goes into a long conversation thread that you may not be able to access.

Click the link for digibox General Advice.

To keep this page digibox user 'friendly' will the researcher who replies to post number 14 in any of the below conversations please start a new thread.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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