(The History of) h2g2 Via Digibox..(part 1)

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Click the link for digibox Common Problems and Possible Solutions

Up to date Links for Digibox Users

Friends Of LD For help and Advice
Plain Skin Developed to help Digibox users access long conversation threads.
The FoLDers Arms A virtual Pub, where you can chat and have a virtual drink.
ye oLDe tea shoppe or have a chat and virtual cuppa here.


There has been so many improvements for Digibox users since I did this entry..most of it is now obsolete..I considered deleting both entries..then thought..no..let's remember what it used to be like..so we can see how h2g2 has advanced and helped the Digibox user..A big Thank You to all those involved..smiley - magicsmiley - biggrin

Web Site

You have access to a Web Site without the expence of a computer, what can you do with it? Quite a lot, you can read any article in the Guide, with so many to choose from, there is something to suit everyone. If your interest or hobby is not here, you can add it, either as as an unedited Guide Entry or as a more refined Edited Entry, through Peer Review You can contribute to most conversations.

If you can get occassional access via a computer it is worth doing so, to see how everything looks and works. Most libraries have computers connected to the internet available for public use, a small fee may be charged.


Although h2g2 is a web site best used via a computer it is accessable via email link but there are limitations involved in using the link. (If you think of your digibox, as a small branch from a master computer you will have some understanding of your problems) There are limitations as to what researchers using this entry can access, due to digibox memory capability. This may also depend on the 'age' of your digibox, the latest model is 4000. (As of May 2002)

Registration Advice

Don't click on "always remember me on this computer." If you do, no other members of your family will be able to log on using tv/digibox. Your details will be enbedded in your digibox memory, it will be almost impossible to remove.

General Advice

Suggest you create a linked list of useful 'pages'. This can be done as a Guide Entry, (Remember to click 'Not for Review') in either GuideML or Plain text. Two ways possible in Plain Text: Simply type in the Entry ID, (on the top right corner of every entry). You might find it helpful to have pen and paper handy, to write down Entry ID's. Or as a Named Entry. You can also add friends names to your list, goto their space, write down their Researcher number, put a U in front of it, and type it in. All article numbers start with an A all usernames start with a U.
Here is an example of Useful Links with Entry ID numbers.

A popular place is, Ask the h2g2 Community. unfortunately, clicking on this will almost certainly cause system to freeze or shut down and re-boot.

Friends of Leisure Dirtrict

You can find other Researchers from LD and join Friends of Leisure Disrtict.


Advice that you do not click on a smiley to see list. You will find yourself stuck in a small section of smileys, unable to go up or down the page. Suggest you add smileys to your useful list. Smiley page Entry ID A155909.

Skin Colour

There is a choice of skin colour, (background colour) Alabaster or Classic GOO if while following a link you arrive on a page with the opposite of your choice, you can change it back by clicking preferences. Top right hand corner in Alabaster or left hand side in Classic GOO.

Inserting Pictures on Your Space

Write down exacly the text in the box next to your chosen Picture when you are inserting picture link into your introduction, you can choose to replace the word "CENTER" with "LEFT" or "RIGHT" to position your picture where you want it.

Click the link for digibox Common Problems and Possible Solutions.

To keep this page digibox user 'friendly' will the researcher who replies to post number 14 in any of the below conversations please start a new thread.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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