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Wlcome to my pick of the week! Thank you to everyone who made h2g2's
virtual birthday party such a success! I know
the Editors had a great time, and we all hope that you did too.

My 5 Favourite Edited Entries

  • A Personal Account of Depression Survival
    is a moving entry that will bring hope to those who suffer from depression.
    While anti-depressants are just one way of tackling the problem, Medication for Depression will leave the reader well
    informed on the different options.

  • The ability to sulk effectively is key to success in personal and
    business relationships. Well, perhaps not but the entry on The Subtle Art of Sulking will certainly bring a smile
    to your face.

  • Pancakes are my favourite food. Sweet or
    savoury, I just can't get enough of them. My favourite topping? Ice cream,
    bananas and strawberries!

  • Operating Doors is one skill that you
    really can't make it through the day without. Well, unless you spend the
    whole day in bed!

Community Choice

If you have some spare time, here are two ideas for things to do on

  • I love thunder, and personally I don't see why sunny weather is
    refered to as beautiful. For me beauty is in a good rain storm or a slate
    grey sky. So I have joined the Society Against Weather
    . If you are passionate about weather, why not join

  • Do you have an affiliation with the north of England? Then join the
    Flat Cap and Muffler Sports & Social Club,
    organisers of many a fine meet-up. Whippets are optional.

Ask h2g2

Here is my pick of the conversations on Ask

  • All families have their difficulties, but some more then others.
    Is it wrong to dislike your

  • We all know that our planet is a sphere but What if the earth were a cube?

  • I started the conversation on Moving
    a long time ago, because I have a tendency to hoard rubbish. I
    will be moving again in a couple of months so if you have any tips for me, I
    would be very grateful!

  • Band in your Living Room is
    one of those conversations that leaves you with an embarrassment of riches.
    Which three bands would you invite to play in your living

If you have any suggestions for items to be included in this column or to
be featured in Abi's Activities, do let me know.


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