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Happy Third Birthday h2g2!

A bottle of Champagne popping

h2g2 launched on 28 April, 1999, live on the BBC science programme, Tomorrow's World. This year we are celebrating our third birthday, and would like to invite all our Researchers to join us in a virtual party. This year the venue is the h2g2 garden.

The Dance Gazebo


Come and join your fellow Researchers on the Dance Gazebo. The DJ is ready and he has left behind his Russ Abbot and Black Lace records, so let's boogie!

The Greenhouse Bar

Bottles of Tequila and the blue agave plant

If you are feeling thirsty, why not visit the Greenhouse Bar? Pull up a grow bag and sit yourself down. Here's a toast to h2g2!

The Barbecue

A Lamburger

We are having problems lighting the Barbecue, so if any one wants to give us a hand, we would be delighted.

The Swimming Pool

A beach

Fancy a quick dip? The Swimming Pool is the place to be. Last one in is a rotten egg.

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Infinite Improbability Drive

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