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Posted: 23rd August 2010



O tempora, o mores!1

While adding the respective Front Page links to the entries we've chosen for another airing during our Summer Specials, I've had a few entries come up as blocked by the profanity filter. That means that entries which were perfectly fine to publish not even a year ago, suddenly are deemed offensive, or at least some of the content is. Now we all know that it is impossible to guess which words are on the black list, but by experience, we all know a few of them by now. But how are we supposed to avoid words which are perfectly innocent? The last example was earmuffs. Just because it was written in two words! I needed to ask a native speaker to spot the offensive word, because I certainly had no idea that a m*** is an offensive object! Once I had altered it, I was able to update the entry. I really wish they wouldn't keep adding words to their block list, or that we here on h2g2 could be spared from this nonsense! A year on, and anything starting with a letter and followed by *** will probably have been declared offensive and can't be updated any more.

Anyway, there are still some articles left which are PC, so you'd best go and read them as long as they aren't hidden (because not only Post articles are affected, but various Edited Guide Entries, too). So please go and read June's entries while you still can, then go and cast your vote in our Entry of the Month competition before it is too late!






























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1Latin quote of a sentence by Cicero, meaning: Oh what times! Oh what customs!

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