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Do you know your iPlayer from your iPod? How about knowing WII from that of a bodily function? I must admit that when it comes to technology I'm probably better off hailing a Tardis and travelling back to live in the stone age, than living in the 21st Century where we seem to be obsessed by the latest, new technological advancement.

OK, so there is one thing that I do get, that of h2g2 and the internet, so if I were ever able to go back in time I'd take that with me – fully functional, of course, with regular updates from everyone, and a fortnightly subscription to The Post.

So now that you know my stance on all things technology has to offer, picture this scene: a meet in spring time in 2009 in London, where one researcher tells me that the signposts that have newly come out can not only tell you about where you are and point you in the direction of local landmarks, but are also linked to the internet.

At this point my mind raced with thoughts of how you could listen to it, as if you were using one of those hand-held devices at the museums. The signpost would tell you how to get to a local landmark, tales surrounding the place, and even the h2g2 AViators could one day be used on such signposts.

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