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  • The Official h2g2 Winter 2002 Party, scheduled for the 26th January, is almost here! smiley - biggrin For those living outside London flights/travel plans have been made and rooms booked or begged. There is still time to sign up to join the fun. In the meantime, see if you can recognise some attendees by checking out the Community Photo's pages or read up on the planned activities by visiting the Rupert Birthday Page. Don't forget to make your Name Badge!

  • Danish Meet-up

    Our friends in Denmark are starting planning early for a proposed meet in Spring 2002! Visit the sign up thread or introduce yourself at the newly created Scandinavian Researchers Club.

The Thre3 Challenge

A new game has just started which all you funsters out in h2g2 land will enjoy. The Thre3: The h2g2 Challenge , run by SmartGamer has started this week. The challenge is to find out what one word fits in all thre3 blanks.

Every day at noon CST (6:00 PM GMT), Smartgamer will check the forum. The first person with a right answer in the correct forum gets a point; most points at the end of the month WINS for the month.

Special Sites at this time

New Sites of Interest

  • Captain Venom is attempting to introduce new life into the old h2g2 Space Center. The Starpilot Hotel Space Station is a sparkling new venue affiliated to the original H2G2 Space Centre.

  • A new venture is proposed by a rather enigmatic new page and new researcher.

    The 'Ask h2g2' Archivist is proposing to select and archive the best questions and answers which have featured in the Ask the h2g2 Community fora. Your help and imput is eagerly awaited!

  • Attention all Researchers interested in or developing GuideML editing
    software of any kind: the GuideML Editor Writers'
    Caffeine Machine
    is now open for business. The aim is to provide
    a central location for discussion, help and collaboration among GuideML
    editor writers, with the intention of improving all GuideML editors
    across the world.

  • A new club has sprung up where you can add to an extremely long list of 'smileys' we would like in the guide. Strangely it can be found at TINARAIIDTCSPLYWWGAOWTCFLOS. You will have to visit to find out what that stands for!

  • The h2g2 staff have set up a central point for official h2g2 announcements. This can be reached by typing in 'Announcements' after the 'Guide/' section of the usual URL or by going to h2g2 Announcements.


The Post is pleased to introduce two new features.

All entries for this feature should be mailed to shazzPRME. Please mark the subject 'Announcements'.

24.01.02. Front Page

Back Issue Page

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