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Nuptial Bliss

One of h2g2's great points is that a few of its many friendships have blossomed into love. The latest Researcher to get engaged is Mistdancer 1, following in the footsteps of TJ and Shea, Elly and Bob among numerous others. Certainly the Campaign to Rename Thursday Thing would seem to have the best record in love with TJ and Shea racing Bob and Elly to the altar. To quote one Researcher 'Thing - making Cilla Black look like an amateur'.

ABBA Hate Society

They are one of the most popular bands of all time and it is hard to not like them, but fortunately some of us manage it! So some of those who have lots or no musical taste, depending on your point of view, have banded together to proudly state that we don't like ABBA. Already this has proved controversial with a certain Jim Lynn coming over to visit the Society and stating that we are just plain wrong. What do you think? Do you want to come to the Swedish warblers' defence or will you join us and proudly state your dislike.

Band Bios Club

The Edited Guide is a great way of expanding your musical knowledge and sharing your favourite bands and albums with other Researchers. I know I had never heard of Jeff Buckley or Nick Drake prior to working at h2g2! We are always looking for ways to generate new content, so if you fancy sharing your knowledge of your favourite band , why not head over to the Band Bios Club and sign up?

I am busy looking for information on my favourites, 4 Hero who fuse jazz and drum and bass in a dreamy mix. I heartily recommend their new album 'Creating Patterns' if you like something funky but relaxed.

The Alternative Writing Workshop

Not all of the entries on h2g2 will fit the guidelines for inclusion in the Edited Guide, but that doesn't make them any less valuable or interesting. If you have an entry that is fiction or comedy or personal perspective and want some feedback on it from your fellow Researchers, why not go over and put it in the Alternative Writing Workshop? It is a great way of improving your writing skills and meeting other Researchers.

Winter Meet-up

With just a week and a half to go, it is all systems go here at the Towers. One of the new features we are introducing is a Name Badge competition. In the past Researchers have had to make do with a sticky label with my scrawl on it, but this year you can really go to town on a name badge that sums up your name and on-line personality. I am already hard at work on mine, but I am not giving anything away and you will just have to wait until the big day!


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1Her young man is not on h2g2, but we are hoping to convert him!

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