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A disco diva wannabe

Picture the scene. It's Poets1 evening, and you're going out with a group of mates. You've made an effort with your appearence, and you're gonna go out, and dance, and, well, have a brilliant time.

...Its all going swimmingly. You're dancing like you've never danced before. But then, it happens. The DJ puts on some ABBA. And suddenly you've lost all your co-ordination and you have to make a beeline for the edge of the room; you just want to gag.

If this experience strikes a chord with you... If you used to like Abba, but have heard their music almost literally ad nauseam, if you were just born with an intrinsic loathing of those Swedish guys and girls,

The Anti-Abba Society is for you.

And it couldn't be easier to join... simply use the text box below!

I can't stand Abba because...


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I never saw the point...


They are seriously over-played everywhere you go. Coming from Sweden, it's also one of the things people most associate with my home country.


I can't stand Abba because... how can you hate Abba? They created a whole new style of pop... without them we wouldn't have the joy of Steps, S Club 7, Hear'say, etc. etc. ... hang on, I now see your reason for this society - count me in. smiley - smiley


I can't stand Abba because they are the worst, most tasteless band in history!


I can't stand Abba because...they're just crap, alright??!!!! I had to grow up on their whingeing records!!!! AAARRRGHGGGGGHHH!!!!!


I can't stand Abba because...they make Barry Bloody Manilow seem tolerable and that just CANNOT be!!


I can't stand Abba because...there music is really naff! They sound like cats being strangled. Aaaargh...


I can't stand Abba because... all my school mates loved Abba and I couldn't stand any music they liked. They thought I was weird but we know otherwise! bwahahahah!


I can't stand Abba because...they're not AC/DC and they don't rock.


I can't stand Abba because.... well just because they are ABBA. There is no other reason.


I can't stand Abba because they won't roll over and die. And they write rubbish music. And I'm a spiteful person.


I can't stand Abba because...because they're just so.... ah...gag...gag... ARRGGHHHH!!!!!! let me out! i won't do it again! i promise! just turn the damned record off!!!!


I can't stand Abba because...I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!!!!!!!! Ten years ago, if you said you liked ABBA you would have been laughed out of any respectable pub, and now everyone goes on about how they wrote such great songs. WELL THEY DIDN'T! (except for that going up keyboardy bit on SOS, I quite like that, but it's only about 2 seconds long)


I can't stand Abba because... I was force fed it by my family. They wouldn't let me force feed them Rainbow, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel or the Stranglers... Tasteless people!

They're crap, they're awful, they're dire. My friends turn into simpering girlies and do silly dances when they hear it. I turn into a rabid
lunatic at the mention of them. Arrrrrggghhhh!


Abba smells


I can't stand Abba because... they spawned Steps, and S Club 7, and the Spice Girls, and Boyzone, and Westlife, and all the other soppy poppy bands that wouldn't know a musical instrument if you hit them over the head with a guitar with a note on it saying 'this is a guitar, and example of a musical instrument'.


I can't stand Abba because... of the way they look when they "sing"


their music was always mindless drivelI can't stand Abba because...when they were popular i was busy listening to the stones zeppltn and alike...i never cared for disco music


I can't stand Abba because... They remind me too much of Van Halen. Especially the Women.


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