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  • Alton Towers Meet

    On the 29th/30th September you can join in the fun of the Alton Towers Meet.

    A tent or other suitable equipment is a must if you are planning on attending the entire weekend. All the details can be found Here

  • The next Dutch Meet

    Plans are underway for a repeat of the succesful Dutch Meet. The date has been set for the weekend of the 26th to 28th of October to give attendees plenty of advance warning and time to enjoy the hospitality when they arrive! Would all those who have already expressed an interest drop by and confirm if they can attend so that accomodation can be arranged. Thirteen have already signed up with one possible.

  • Danish Meet-up

    Our friends in Denmark are starting planning early for a proposed meet in Spring 2002! Visit the sign up thread or introduce yourself at the newly created Scandinavian Researchers Club.

Special Sites at this time

New Sites of Interest

  • The H2G2 Programmers' Corner features in this edition of the Post. If you want help with knowing the difference between Oracle SQL and Perl then this is the place for you!
  • The h2g2 Football league is another featured site this week. Drop by and join the interactive fun.
  • The h2g2 Politics Forum is an attempt at building an international, inclusive (hopefully it will attract both left and right wing viewpoints, libertarian and authoritarian, etc.) place for people to publish articles and talk about a broad range of political topics (anything from, for example, the influence of utilitarianism on early 19th century anarchist thought, to who should be the new leader of the Tory party).
  • An expectant couple on h2g2 are stuck for names for their coming bundle of joy. Please help out by telling of your favourite names and what they mean at the Names and their meanings page specially set up for this purpose.
  • The Website Developer's Forum is for discussing, comparing and general chat about creating and developing websites. Feel free to join right in with any questions or topics you'd like to put forward.
  • MaW wishes it to be known that Researchers who are also University students or University graduates may visit the University Nexus, where they can find Researchers who attend/attended the same University as them, or any other University they happen to be interested it. The page is new and very small, but it can become a large and useful resource if anybody's interested. Also, those who don't like the name are encouraged to suggest alternatives !


The Post is pleased to introduce two new features.

20.09.01. Front Page

Back Issue Page

All entries for this feature should be mailed to shazzPRME. Please mark the subject 'Announcements'.

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