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smiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly for Hoovooloo!

I'm really delighted to see this one get its rightful place!

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Also - Hiram...

"Here is a simple test: Who would you rather escort your dear old mum through a bad part of town? a fast runner, or a skilled martial artist?"

Aaah, the student makes the classic mistake of concentrating on technique 2.

Who would you rather escort your dear old mum anywhere? A person who thinks their kicking/punching etc. skills render them *and anyone with them* safe from harm of any kind? Or a person who has developed Technique 1 - "The all-seeing eye" to the point where they and your mum wouldn't *be* in a bad part of town in the first place? I've been mugged twice, and both times were a result of being in the wrong *place*, a place I simply should not have been in. Technique 1 failed me on those occasions.

Other people have mentioned making a point with humour, so I won't labour it. You, Hiram, have mentioned having a bad week. Click on my name and take the red pill. I can say this, mate. I understand. I'm right with you.

Thanks for your comments. This entry inspired Geoff to write one on Tai Chi which made the Edited Guide. I'd be very, very interested to read anything you feel like writing on any other forms you know about.

After that break for seriousness, back to ...


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Yay! The smiley - bubbly's on me.. smiley - winkeye

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