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cowardice or self-preservation?

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Hiram Abif (aka Chuang Tzu's Pancreas)

Its all fine to run when you can, and when no one else is in any danger, but if you find yourself cornered or leaving an innocent person vulnerable due to their lack of mastery of your proud art, the time may be to stand up to the conflict... otherwise you will either come to a bad end or will have to look at yourself in the mirror after leaving someone else to theirs...It is true that avoiding conflict is best when possible, but it isn't always possible...

This art does seem a bit more honorable than it's opposite couterpart "Fu Kyu"... so it gets points for that anyway...

cowardice or self-preservation?

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Absolutely true, and that's where this falls down of course.

DNA said "Discretion is the better part of valour, and cowardice is the better part of discretion, so Zaphod valiantly hid in a cupboard." or something close to that.

Sorry for not replying earlier (didn't click the "Notify of new conversations" button, and I've only looked in Peer Review...)


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cowardice or self-preservation?

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