A Conversation for The Ultimate Martial Art

I like this entry :-)

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

Very good! Is this really an actual "fighting style" or is it something you made up? Either way it's way cool!

I used to joke about my personal combat style "Thai chicken".

I like this entry :-)

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This entry rocks.
Very, very good.

'much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate...'

I like this entry too. It strikes me as being very much in the spirit of The Guide as described by it's creator...

Well done.
It's unlikely to get edited, but you could get them to put a bump-up the search results tag on it or something, a new tag, maybe, maybe, maybe...
How about a 'This is bloody funny' tag?
It seems unfair that entries of this quality are being condemned to be read rarely if ever in the huge mass of unedited entries.
Could someone bend the rules a little, maybe leave it 'recommended' for the rest of time?


I like this entry :-)

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Have a look in Peer Review - this is up for it. Post 11 in that thread goes through the ten things an Edited Entry should be, and I make a case that this fits all ten.

I'm still waiting though...


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I like this entry :-)

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