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Two Cents

Forum Code<2cents>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="2cents"/>
Smileysmiley - 2cents

Two cents? Shouldn't that be twopennorth? What's with this Americanisation of smileys? That's my perfectly valid and unsolicited opinion...or twopennorth, as we'd say in the UK.


Forum Code<bleep>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bleep"/>
Smileysmiley - bleep

Can't find the right word? So hot under the collar that profanity looks like the best solution? Avoid embarrassment with our 'bleep!' smiley: it's a guaranteed winner. You can be sure that the imaginations of your readers will be far fruitier than you'd think possible, so don't speak... bleep!


Forum Code<biro>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="biro"/>
Smileysmiley - biro
Forum Code<orib>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="orib"/>
Smileysmiley - orib

It might be a bit 'old media', but it never hurts to remember where you came from - or indeed Ladislao Josef Biro, who invented this fine writing implement in 1938. The Smiley for writers everywhere...

Blue Light

Forum Code<bluelight>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bluelight"/>
Smileysmiley - bluelight

It clears the roads when you're in a hurry, it gets the attention of everyone around and it's also quite good at alerting others to a problem. For all your emergency needs, let the Blue Light be your guide.


Forum Code<book>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="book"/>
Smileysmiley - book

Because you really can't beat a good read.


Forum Code<bus>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bus"/>
Smileysmiley - bus

There is no better way to see the sights of h2g2 then from the top deck of our double decker bus. Climb aboard and we will take you on a ride you won't forget. Hold very tight, please! Ting Ting!


Forum Code<candle>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="candle"/>
Smileysmiley - candle

For exploring dark passages in the basement of the Paris Opera, or just to add that certain ambience to your evening, there's nothing better than a candle.

Chocolate Teapot

Forum Code<chocolateteapot>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="chocolateteapot"/>
Smileysmiley - chocolateteapot

Ironically (and not in a way Alanis Morrissette might define it), this smiley is actually rather useful.


Forum Code<cogs>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="cogs"/>
Smileysmiley - cogs

Watch them turn, and turn, and turn...


Forum Code<disco>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="disco"/>
Smileysmiley - disco

Burn, baby, burn! It's time to grab those dancing shoes and head on down to the h2g2 disco, where the air is smokey and the music loud. Are you dancing? Because I am asking!

Don't Panic

Forum Code<dontpanic>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="dontpanic"/>
Smileysmiley - dontpanic

Does exactly what it says on the tin.


Forum Code<football>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="football"/>
Smileysmiley - football

OK, so this smiley is called 'football' rather than 'soccer' because unlike a lot of other games that go by the name of 'football', this one actually involves your foot, and not a lot else. Except the head. And the chest. And, if you're the goalkeeper, your hands... But it's still the one and only football. So there.


Forum Code<footprints>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="footprints"/>
Smileysmiley - footprints
Forum Code<stnirptoof>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="stnirptoof"/>
Smileysmiley - stnirptoof

Ha! So you thought you'd managed to escape, did you? Thought you'd melt into the crowd and we wouldn't find you, eh? You forgot about those footprints you left all over the place! Oh, and that fluorescent t-shirt and springy antennae on your head are a bit of a giveaway too... you're nicked!


Forum Code<gift>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="gift"/>
Smileysmiley - gift

A gift isn't just for Christmas, it's for life, and with some presents that's exactly what it feels like: life. Avoid the jailhouse blues by giving an h2g2 gift smiley - whatever the present, we're still able to squeeze it into a little red and purple package, just for that special occasion.


Forum Code<handbag>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="handbag"/>
Smileysmiley - handbag

Oooh! Get her!


Forum Code<handcuffs>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="handcuffs"/>
Smileysmiley - handcuffs

No messing around, these are handcuffs and you know perfectly well what they are for!


Forum Code<island>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="island"/>
Smileysmiley - island

Want to get away from it all, to take a breather from the rat race? This island is just the perfect place for it.


Forum Code<lighthouse>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="lighthouse"/>
Smileysmiley - lighthouse

A traditional sight down by the sea, the Lighthouse lets you know of hidden dangers. It casts its warm and reassuring light into dark areas and keeps you safe from harm.


Forum Code<mod>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="mod"/>
Smileysmiley - mod

A smiley for the clothes-conscious. Or the RAF.

Musical Note

Forum Code 1o/~
Forum Code 2<musicalnote>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="musicalnote"/>
Smileysmiley - musicalnote

Ah, the beautiful tone of a musical note lilting across the Forums... it's enough to bring tears to your eyes! Music is a universal language - or, if you're into thrash metal, universal destruction - so why not break down those social barriers with the odd note here and there? It's bound to strike a chord with someone...


Forum Code<offtopic>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="offtopic"/>
Smileysmiley - offtopic

Apropos of nothing.

Peace Sign

Forum Code<peacesign>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="peacesign"/>
Smileysmiley - peacesign

Peace is a wonderful thing, especially when life's throwing things at you. If you're stressed, settle back, try a bit of meditation (or tea, which has a very similar effect) and consider the one-ness of everything. All of a sudden the back of your neck relaxes, the tension slosly subsides, and the birds start singing again. Best served chilled...


Forum Code<petunias>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="petunias"/>
Smileysmiley - petunias

Oh no, not again.


Forum Code 1@->--
Forum Code 2<rose>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="rose"/>
Smileysmiley - rose

As Shakespeare wrote: 'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' That just about sums up the rose smiley, and you'll notice that the h2g2 rose doesn't have any seriously sharp thorns either. Never let it be said that we don't care...


Forum Code<space>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="space"/>
Smileysmiley - space

Is it an existentialist cry for help, a blank canvas in this information-heavy new media age? Or is it just a space that can separate letters?


Forum Code 1--OE
Forum Code 2<spork>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="spork"/>
Smileysmiley - spork
Forum Code 1--OE
Forum Code 2<krops>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="krops"/>
Smileysmiley - krops

The ultimate in eating implements, the wise never leave home without their trusty sporks tucked into their belts. After all, you never know when your next meal will arrive.


Forum Code<suitcase>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="suitcase"/>
Smileysmiley - suitcase

A suitcase is probably too bulky for your average hitchhiker, but you'll more than likely need one if you're travelling on a plane. These rectangular objects appear to be able, over a two-week holiday, to transform neatly folded clothes into a pile of dirty underwear.


Forum Code<tardis>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="tardis"/>
Smileysmiley - tardis

It's Doctor Who's time machine, standing of course for Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space. Still sometimes even we mere mortals need to dash off in a hurry, which is when this smiley - also beloved of Bill Drummond/KLF enthusiasts - can be most useful.

Tennis Ball

Forum Code 1[email protected]
Forum Code 2<tennisball>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="tennisball"/>
Smileysmiley - tennisball

Pick one of these up, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's a children's toy. Furry, squashy and bouncy in a friendly way, you can just imagine squeaky little Jimmy bouncing it round the garden, or trying to throw it as high as he can. Be warned, though. If little Jimmy faced a professional tennis player's serve and it hit him where the sun doesn't shine, he'd be sqeaky little Jimmy for the rest of his life. Not nice. Be careful out there.

Tennis Rackets

Forum Code 1==O
Forum Code 2<racket1>
Forum Code 3<racquet1>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="racket1"/>
Smileysmiley - racket1


Forum Code 1O==
Forum Code 2<racket2>
Forum Code 3<racquet2>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="racket2"/>
Smileysmiley - racket2

Tennis is a noisy game, with all those grunts and urrghs, not to mention the thwacks and the twangs. There's the crowd cheering - when they aren't getting stiff necks from watching the ball - and the umpire constantly asking for juice (well, it is hot out there). You could say tennis is a bit of a racket, but you wouldn't would you? After all, you have a real sense of humour, don't you? Good...

The Post

GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="thepost"/>
Smileysmiley - thepost

Discerning Researchers and emoticons are picky in their choice of reading material. They choose h2g2's very own newspaper, The Post. Eight of ten smiley owners said their little chaps preferred it!


Forum Code<towel>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="towel"/>
Smileysmiley - towel

Now there is a smiley who really knows where his towel is.

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