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Forum Code<alienfrown>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="alienfrown"/>
Smileysmiley - alienfrown


Forum Code<aliensmile>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="aliensmile"/>
Smileysmiley - aliensmile

You tend to get two types of alien in films: nasty aliens who want to eat your brains, and nice aliens who want to help save the world. We've also got two types of alien on h2g2: smiling and frowning. This is all part of h2g2's campaign to show how, er, human aliens can be. Aren't they sweet?


Forum Code<earth>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="earth"/>
Smileysmiley - earth

Where would we be without the Earth? Well, for a start we'd all be tumbling through space, wondering where on earth the ground went, but seriously, we'd be in big trouble without the Earth. So let's try to treat it a little better than we currently are: after all, the Earth isn't a toy, even though it's lots of fun.


Forum Code<galaxy>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="galaxy"/>
Smileysmiley - galaxy

A collection of stars and dark matter and dust and stuff. Looks pretty though!


Forum Code<mars>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="mars"/>
Smileysmiley - mars

Is Mars full of Martians? Of course it is - check out the couple of cheeky chappies below. Fourth planet from the sun, Mars is famous for all sorts of things, including canals that aren't canals, earth invasions that haven't quite materialised yet, and the God of War. Not bad for a four-letter word, eh?


Forum Code<martianfrown>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="martianfrown"/>
Smileysmiley - martianfrown


Forum Code<martiansmile>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="martiansmile"/>
Smileysmiley - martiansmile

Do you live on a red planet? And do you have antennae coming out of your head? Then you'll be a Martian - or a very scary human. Like our aliens above, our Martians come in two different flavours - frowning and smiling - because just like on Earth, life on Mars is full of ups and downs. Ask these guys; they'll tell you all about it.

The Moon

Forum Code<moon>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="moon"/>
Smileysmiley - moon


Forum Code<fullmoon>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="fullmoon"/>
Smileysmiley - fullmoon


Forum Code<crescentmoon>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="crescentmoon"/>
Smileysmiley - crescentmoon

It's a documented fact that the full moon affects people in weird and wonderful ways (hang out on h2g2 during the full moon and you'll see what we mean). The moon is a beautiful and wondrous sight, so we thought it was worth celebrating with three different smileys; life as a lunatic has never been such fun!


Forum Code<planet>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="planet"/>
Smileysmiley - planet

Why do other planets get all the cool clothes? Check out the h2g2 planet! Dig those groovy purple rings, the trippy marmalade skies and lapping yellow oceans! And all we get is John Lennon songs and Liberace's costumes. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good deal...


Forum Code<rainbow>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="rainbow"/>
Smileysmiley - rainbow

We know that some smileys are open to all sorts of intepretation. so in the spirit of embracing all under the banner of peace and love through the universe, we here present a symbol of galactic sexual diversity, which also happens to be a rainbow smiley. We just know it'll be kidnapped by hairy fans of a 1970s rock group of the same name...


Forum Code<rocket>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="rocket"/>
Smileysmiley - rocket
Forum Code<tekcor>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="tekcor"/>
Smileysmiley - tekcor

Anyone typing <rocket> into their Conversation Postings expecting to get a tasty yet rather peppery lettuce will be disappointed. We'd like to point out that this is because the rocket smiley is in fact the kind of rocket that flies to the moon, rather than a member of the Eruca vesicaria family. Is that clear now?


Forum Code<star>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="star"/>
Smileysmiley - star

If you wish upon a star, then take Billy Bragg's advice: 'I saw two shooting stars last night. I wished on them, but they were only satellites. It's wrong to wish on space hardware... I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care.' Luckily the h2g2 star is a genuine red-hot giant of a star, and is not at all generated by computer hardware. Straight up!


Forum Code<ufo>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="ufo"/>
Smileysmiley - ufo

Much debate will no doubt surround the origins of the h2g2 UFO. Is it just a weather balloon, or is it actually a government-built vehicle using technology from a similar craft that crashed into the Earth back in the 1950's? Well, given that there are aliens and Martians lurking around h2g2, we'll leave the deductions up to you...

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