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Forum Code 1O:-)
Forum Code 2<angel>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="angel"/>
Smileysmiley - angel

This smiley will come in handy when you're trying to persuade people just how saintly you are. Whether it will work is another thing altogether, but there's no harm in trying...


Forum Code 1<cupid>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="cupid"/>
Smileysmiley - cupid

'Cupid... draw back your bow...' This little cherub is perfect for matchmaking, romancing or just suggesting that Person X and Person Y are up a tree 'K.I.S.S.I.N.G'. 'Swoon!'


Forum Code<devil>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="devil"/>
Smileysmiley - devil

Look, we're only joking. This guy's not really the devil, because he refused to sign the site's terms and conditions. Instead, this is the devil inside all of us, the guy who likes to pull moonies at parties. Gotta love him, eh!


Forum Code<elf>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="elf"/>
Smileysmiley - elf

For a long life, look after your elf. With pointy ears, winking eyes and a cute little bobble on the end of that green felt hat, the elf is a mischievous little critter who lives life to the full. Not bad for a shortarse, eh?


Forum Code<fairy>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="fairy"/>
Smileysmiley - fairy

Ever wondered what it's like to star in a Disney film? Wonder no more as h2g2's very own Tinkerbell flits in on a trail of magic glitter. It's enough to make you cry... if you're the sentimental type, that is.


Forum Code<ghost>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="ghost"/>
Smileysmiley - ghost

You might think that ghosts are scary, but the ghost at h2g2 Towers is totally friendly. He's also easy to scare himself: just stick a sheet over your head and get your own back on him. Best to do this with the curtains closed, though, as the neighbours just don't get it, do they?


Forum Code<magic>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="magic"/>
Smileysmiley - magic

Hocus pocus, diddly-ocus! Turn your best friend into a frog! Conjure up a barrel of beer from bathwater! Make your most beautiful workmate fall madly in love with you! Suddenly see your single go to number one, even though you can't play guitar! Ah, magic. It's your best friend in a cruel, cruel world.


Forum Code<monster>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="monster"/>
Smileysmiley - monster

Much maligned, the h2g2 monster isn't the horrible, man-eating ogre that he appears to be. Feed him a cookie or two and he'll end up tickling your toes and telling you all about how he lived for years in a cave outside the village, simply because the locals didn't give him a chance. What a big softie!


Forum Code<skull>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="skull"/>
Smileysmiley - skull

Look, we're sorry Mr Disappointed from Manchester, but when we said we'd put up a skull smiley, we weren't talking about solo rowing. It's a skull, as in skull and crossbones. Now would you please stop mailing us about it? Sheesh...


Forum Code 1:-[
Forum Code 2<vampire>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="vampire"/>
Smileysmiley - vampire

Let's face it, if you're going to be a bat, you've got two choices. Either you can hang out in belfries, a complete unknown, or you can dress up in sexy velvet togs, give yourself a grand title like Count Dracula or Nosferatu, and head off to chat up all the ladies. Guess which one we'd rather do...


Forum Code<witch>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="witch"/>
Smileysmiley - witch

Witches know a lot about brewing, or so our esteemed colleagues keep telling us. Having tasted a few witches' brews, we can confirm that they do indeed have a unique flavour, but the effects are unpredictable. We still haven't found out exactly what happened to the American student we employed last winter...


Forum Code<wizard>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="wizard"/>
Smileysmiley - wizard

Not to be confused with the excellent though often ridiculed band Wizzard, purveyors of that timeless classic 'I wish it could be Christmas every day'. Come to think of it, a Roy Wood smiley would be a rather good idea, so perhaps we should ask the h2g2 wizard to magic one up? No point in wasting magic on practical things, is there?


Forum Code<zoom>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="zoom"/>
Smileysmiley - zoom

Broomsticks are ecological, rarely crash and, as every Harry Potter fan knows, make excellent sports equipment. Is there a conspiracy by the oil companies to stop research into broomstick travel? There must be: why else is h2g2 one of the few places you can hop on your stick and hit the skies? Answers to the bat-phone, please.

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