A Conversation for Smileys: Supernatural


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General Scary

OH how about, Rays of Light Shining on two Doves?


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The Artist Formerly Known as Nerd42

can't we already do that?
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i think the man who started this topic asked about what we think of him, not so sure about the smiley issue.

So, i think there is not one, at least not in the way the "modern" western world pictures it.

God was an idea that helped, and probably still helps, people overcome pain, sorrow, torture, was an idea of a better world to come after we leave this one.

i think i'll use a quote from Katerina Christodoulou saying :

"There is no god. And if there ever was one, she would be a woman, fat, black, with 9 kids, living in New Orleans, USA. She would now what pain is, and how to live by it"

we are all made of stardust, energy fields floating around space.
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Yes. We need a god smiely. no matter what god you believe in, he/she/it/they (Pleease dont ask me to explain the trinity) needs a smiely


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OOH! we gotta put 42!

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