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Forum Code<ant>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="ant"/>
Smileysmiley - ant

These little critters are some of the planet Earth's hardest workers... after h2g2 Researchers, of course.


Forum Code<badger>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="badger"/>
Smileysmiley - badger

Where would we be without these black and white creatures? They've a reputation for never letting go once they tackle something, and you'll find them lurking in many forgotten corners of h2g2. So beware!


Forum Code<bat>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bat"/>
Smileysmiley - bat

Nothing to do with baseball or cricket, this is the kind of bat that lives in a belfry. Don't get it mixed up the the vampire, who might be a bat, but has much better taste in velvet-lined capes.

Black Cat

Forum Code<blackcat>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="blackcat"/>
Smileysmiley - blackcat

Not a white cat, not a tabby cat, not a ginger cat and not a grey cat. This cat is black, it's proud of that fact, it knows that it means business, and it knows that you know that it means business. Hiss!


Forum Code<blacksheep>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="blacksheep"/>
Smileysmiley - blacksheep

This baa-baa blacksheep's got plenty of wool and he's keeping it all for himself. See, in every flock, there's always one that's different. Here at h2g2, we like to celebrate the unique... even if it smells of 'farm'.

Blue Butterfly

Forum Code<bluebutterfly>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bluebutterfly"/>
Smileysmiley - bluebutterfly

A blue-hued butterfly for you.


Forum Code<tit>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="tit"/>
Smileysmiley - tit

Aww isn't he cute?


Forum Code<bunny>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bunny"/>
Smileysmiley - bunny

Bunny rabbits might be vermin in real life, chomping through farmers' crops and multiplying faster than a super-computer, but on h2g2 they're lovable, floppy-eared little darlings who just love to do whatever it is rabbits do. Whatever that is.


Forum Code<bluebutterfly>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bluebutterfly"/>
Smileysmiley - bluebutterfly


Forum Code<orangebutterfly>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="orangebutterfly"/>
Smileysmiley - orangebutterfly

Even the word sounds pretty - butterfly. Images of meadows in the summer, dandelion seeds floating in the gentle breeze down by the river, beautiful orange and blue butterflies gently flitting among the trees... ah! All you need is the picnic and life is just perfect...

Can of Worms

Forum Code<canofworms>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="canofworms"/>
Smileysmiley - canofworms

Somebody opened them, and it turned out to be far much more trouble than it was worth.


Forum Code<cat>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="cat"/>
Smileysmiley - cat

The h2g2 cat is very smiley indeed. Oh yes, he's a fat, happy cat whose idea of life is sitting on his bean bag, purring along to the flickering flames in the hearth while being tickled behind the ear. Sure beats that scary black cat...


Forum Code<chick>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="chick"/>
Smileysmiley - chick

No, this smiley isn't slang for a member of the female sex - give us some credit! It's one of those really, really cute downy chicks, hatching from an egg. Enjoy it while it's young and cute, before it ends up as Sunday lunch...


Forum Code<dog>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="dog"/>
Smileysmiley - dog

Ah, bless. What a lovely little pooch. One thing, though: the dog smiley should not be used as an insult to female Researchers, or they'll be forced to take action. Believe me, a virtual kick in the proverbials hurts just as much as a real one, lads...


Forum Code<dolphin>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="dolphin"/>
Smileysmiley - dolphin

Reputed to be one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, all they do is 'muck about in the water having a good time'.


Forum Code<dragon>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="dragon"/>
Smileysmiley - dragon

Am I a fire-breathing mythical monster or a very large lizard? I can never figure it out, which means I never quite feel comfy in this Smiley Animals category. Boyo.


Forum Code 1><>
Forum Code 2<fish>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="fish"/>
Smileysmiley - fish


Forum Code 1<><
Forum Code 2<hsif>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="hsif"/>
Smileysmiley - hsif


Forum Code<bluefish>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="bluefish"/>
Smileysmiley - bluefish


Forum Code<orangefish>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="orangefish"/>
Smileysmiley - orangefish


Forum Code<schooloffish>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="schooloffish"/>
Smileysmiley - schooloffish

Fish rock. Honestly. It's just that from the outside of the pond all you can hear is a kind of flatulence-in-the-bath version of Led Zeppelin. So what? You can make your h2g2 fish say whatever you want it to say, and we'll all understand. As long as it's not gibberish, of course.

Flying Pig

Forum Code<flyingpig>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="flyingpig"/>
Smileysmiley - flyingpig

It almost certainly will never happen. But when you do, you're bound to see this little airborne fellow.


Forum Code<frog>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="frog"/>
Smileysmiley - frog

We've been reliably informed that it's not easy being green. This little guy can keep the night alive with his croaking.


Forum Code<hamster>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="hamster"/>
Smileysmiley - hamster

Some have wheels, some make their way into the sandwiches of angry 'comedians' and some live on h2g2, like Elton.


Forum Code<mammoth>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="mammoth"/>
Smileysmiley - mammoth

This giant, hairy elephant is extinct in the Real World, but still roams the pages of h2g2, looking for Neanderthals to trample on.

Mouses.. er, Meeses... er... Mice!

Forum Code<mouse>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="mouse"/>
Smileysmiley - mouse


Forum Code<esuom>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="esuom"/>
Smileysmiley - esuom

As everyone in the galaxy knows, mice are the most intelligent creatures on Earth (though humans sometimes mistake themselves for that particular distinction). Here we have two fine examples of the species, known to their friends as Benji and Frankie, but officially called simply 'mouse' or 'esuom' depending on which way they're facing. All say 'ahh'...

Orange Butterfly

Forum Code<orangebutterfly>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="orangebutterfly"/>
Smileysmiley - orangebutterfly

Butterflies are like angels, earthly spirits.


Forum Code<panda>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="panda"/>
Smileysmiley - panda

It's said that all great travellers insist on being accompanied by their spirit guide. For some, it's a brave, bold eagle. For others, it's a loyal hunting dog. And for one uniquely rare type of traveller, it's a panda. Don't ask us why. It must cost him a fortune in bamboo...

Peace Dove

Forum Code<peacedove>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="peacedove"/>
Smileysmiley - peacedove

Just when it looks like life is going to start digging trenches, priming its Enfields and doing up its puttees, along flies the peace dove with an olive branch in its beak. Flowers start to spring up in No Man's Land, the sun evaporates the clouds of mustard gas, and all of a sudden life's not quite so bleak. Use wisely.


Forum Code<pony>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="pony"/>
Smileysmiley - pony

In some shady circles, this is worth £25. To a young child with ambitions of being the next Lester Piggot or 'national Velvet', it's priceless.


Forum Code<shark>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="shark"/>
Smileysmiley - shark

Big, white teeth - that's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sharks. Sure, the h2g2 shark has teeth, but apart from that he's a big softie, really. You'll notice that our shark can turn up in a Conversation and if there are any other fish around, they won't swim away - they stay right where they were. See? He's cool.


Forum Code<sheep>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="sheep"/>
Smileysmiley - sheep

Baa! Ever wanted to be a part of a flock? It's great - you don't have to think for yourself, you simply follow everyone else (even if they don't know where they're going), and it's probably the most restful way you can spend your days. Yeah, it might be boring, but who said life had to be interesting? Precisely...


Forum Code<spider>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="spider"/>
Smileysmiley - spider

Look, the h2g2 spider has got a smile on him, right, and it's a friendly one too. So get down off your chair, stop that ridiculous screaming and make friends with him. Ever had an eight-armed Thai massage? No? Well come on down, give it a go, and see if that doesn't change your tune.

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