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Forum Code<cracker>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="cracker"/>
Smileysmiley - cracker

It's a cracker! Ho, ho and indeed, ho.


Forum Code<holly>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="holly"/>
Smileysmiley - holly

Ah, beauty and the beast... well, sort of. Take the combination of succulent red berries and sleek green sheen, and stick a few evil thorns round the edges of the leaves, and what have you got? Holly, that's what. Ain't nature got a warped sense of humour?


Forum Code<mistletoe>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="mistletoe"/>
Smileysmiley - mistletoe

Recreate that office party moment on the privacy of your own computer. Like real-world mistletoe, we urge you to use with caution.


Forum Code<pumpkin>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="pumpkin"/>
Smileysmiley - pumpkin

Halloween and pumpkins: they go together like salt and pepper. And the great advantage of the h2g2 pumpkin is that it'll still be there months after your genuine Halloween pumpkin has started to smell like the inside of a student's fridge.


Forum Code<reindeer>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="reindeer"/>
Smileysmiley - reindeer

Aren't reindeer cool? Not only do they bring all the good boys and girls pressies at Christmas, but they provide a very handy place to hang your coat. At least, that's what the h2g2 reindeer smiley would have you believe... but remember kids, a reindeer is for life, not just for Christmas, so always ask first.


Forum Code<santa>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="santa"/>
Smileysmiley - santa

Santa comes but once a year, but to avoid getting frustrated at this lack of progress in the family business, Santa likes to hang out on h2g2, chatting to all the boys and girls who help to make the Guide such a fun place. What a nice bloke!


Forum Code<snowball>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="snowball"/>
Smileysmiley - snowball

Virtual seasonal violence - much less cold, messy and sore than the real thing.


Forum Code<llabwons>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="llabwons"/>
Smileysmiley - llabwons

Same as above. Only backwards.


Forum Code<snowdrop>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="snowdrop"/>
Smileysmiley - snowdrop

This lovely flower is one of the first to come out in Spring, a real sign of the new year.


Forum Code<snowman>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="snowman"/>
Smileysmiley - snowman

Snowmen! Honestly! You're just getting to the stage where your love blush is kicking in, and the relationship is moving from being good friends to something a little more meaningful, and the sun comes out and he just runs away, leaving nothing behind but his clothes. Only men could be that harsh.

Christmas Pudding

Forum Code<xmaspud>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="xmaspud"/>
Smileysmiley - xmaspud

Christmas pud must be the only foodstuff that's packed with sharp metal objects. Whoever thought that getting a silver wedding ring jammed up your gums was festive should be put away for their own good, and the thought of getting the spinster's thimble again is enough to make us go weak at the knees. Like, rub it in, Christmas pudding, why don't you?

Christmas Tree

Forum Code 1=>>>
Forum Code 2<xmastree>
GuideML Tag<SMILEY TYPE="xmastree"/>
Smileysmiley - xmastree

Christmas trees are great. The way that Mother Nature designed all those branches so they slot together perfectly, and the way they don't need roots or water - now that's design for you. It's almost like the Christmas tree was made for Christmas. Amazing!

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