Post Paper Chase 3... the Solution

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Chase Number Three... the solution

The third Paper Chase was launched on the seventh of April. This time three researchers raced to be the first past the Post! Abi was feeling in a generous mood, so all three received h2g2 Tshirts. Congratulations go to Mikey, E G Mel and Argon0.

  • Clue 1:

    The chase is on

    The theme is uncertain

    But the first page to read

    Is a call to religion.

    Solution: A494769; Come to Church?


  • Clue 2:

    This brief introduction

    Was not nearly enough

    So we roved there again

    To catch up with 'stuff'.

    Solution: A437870; Roving Reporter: Church of the True Brownie

  • Clue 3:

    Now feeling hungry

    Onward we speed

    To a place where banana's and chocolate

    Satiate our greed.

    Solution: A343685; The Recipes for this week


  • Clue 4:

    All that food eaten

    Makes me yearn for some porter

    Let's drop by a pub

    With our Roving reporter.

    Solution: A405172; Roving Reporter: Forum & Firkin


  • Clue 5:

    In Britain this subject

    Is the talk of the bar

    We don't mind paying to drink

    But this goes too far.

    Solution: A489783; Beer Tax!


  • Clue 6:

    All that food and drink

    Has made me feel bad

    But a visit to this doctor

    Will send me hopping mad.

    Solution: A569289; Colonel Sellers Observes


  • Clue 7:

    Over half way through

    Or is that 50% done?

    Call a lb a pound

    And a ton a tonne!

    Solution: A488207; The Chaos of Going Metric


  • Clue 8:

    Now wing your way

    Across the skies

    With the h2g2 Team

    In heavy disguise.

    Solution: A502039; Wowbagger,06.03.2000.

  • Clue 9:

    If you make this clue 9

    Then you are quite right

    So look to the stars

    And hope you don't see light.

    Solution: A505117; Light Pollution

  • Clue 10:

    All this flying and food and drink

    Sends me rushing to the loo.

    Just where are they on h2g2?

    The vice pres himself can guide you!

    Solution: A416792; The Long Dark Toilet Of The Soul


  • Clue 11:

    Talking of elections

    And voting in this place

    Just who DID win the honour

    In the h2g2 VP race?

    Solution: A442351; The Virtual Prez: Voting Results!


  • Clue 12:

    Political comment just now

    Is not a safe bet

    But our noted contributor

    Slips one through the net!

    Solution: A545870; Notes From a Small Planet... Election Special!


So, by adding all the last numbers of each clue, you should have arrived at a total of 54


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